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If it has to do with managing your company’s finance department or back office, we handle it.

Managing your business’ records shouldn’t be a chore—it should be a means to operate and grow. Companies of different sizes have different financial needs. At Accounting Solutions Plus, we set up a customized game-plan based on your unique needs so that there’s no anxiety, only clarity. As you grow, we can grow with you. Money can be stressful. At Accounting Solutions Plus, all of our services include putting our clients at ease.

Bookkeeping-Services For smaller businesses

If your business doesn’t have a full-time bookkeeper, we can handle those functions, on-site or remotely. Perhaps you were doing it yourself, but don’t have time anymore? Maybe you’re tired of the shuffling, stress and anxiety that comes with tax time? If you find that record keeping gets pushed aside, and you’re ready to get some professional help—we’ve got you covered. We help your financial picture stay in control throughout the entire year so that tax time is a breeze. Services include:

  • Monthly or quarterly reporting
  • Cash management
  • General ledger
  • Payroll
  • Accounts payable
  • Accounts receivable
  • Bank reconciliation
Controller Duties For larger businesses

Ensure accuracy of your company’s finances without the overhead of hiring an in-house Controller or CFO. Through on-site and remote services, we offer:

  • Supervising internal bookkeeping functions
  • Overseeing financial activity in multiple locations
  • Month-end financial reporting
  • Financial analysis
  • Key performance indicators
  • Cash Planning
  • Financial and operational forecasts
  • Creating and monitoring budgets

For all Businesses:

  • Training & Software Solutions. We can evaluate the software you’re using, customize popular accounting software to meet the specific needs of your company, keep that software up to date, and if necessary, train individuals within your company to use it with ease.
  • Consulting Perhaps your company’s finances are running smoothly but occasionally, you need help with a certain situation. We can be your go-to financial expert—just a call, email or meeting away.
  • Data backup & Security. In dealing with your money, there is a natural fit with security of your business documents. Should you need it, we partner with companies that specialize in data back up and security; they can protect your data from getting lost, stolen or destroyed.

Pricing: Though most of our clients choose set monthly packages, hourly rates are also available.

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